Business success relies on the focus and values of the business.

Magnolia Orchid commitment to customers is to offer a variety of products that meet each individual needs. Based on the market research of understanding our customers' preference, we develop different products with different branding to satisfy their budget and needs. We strongly believe this strategy will open up more opportunities and increase the company's growth trajectory.


Founded in Southern California in 2008, eglobal Beauté Inc develops and designs its skin care products under the brands Magnolia Orchid, Karéne Paris, and Angel Hayley. Our philosophy is to research and develop premium and state-of-the-art skin care products for customers. We recruit skin care professionals around the world to join our team in developing advanced skin care products. We have over 20 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. Over the years, we have assisted many companies to develop and manufacture skin care products and gained an excellent reputation in business ethics and hard work. Recently, eglobal Beauté collaborated with eglobal Biotech USA, to establish the eglobal Beauty Research Center. We also work very closely with a prestigious fragrant and aromatherapy manufacturer in Australia to manufacture premium quality essential oils for professional spas and their customers. Only safe and high quality natural ingredients developed by well established laboratories are used in our products. At eglobal Beauté, our mission is to offer the skin care solutions that provide extraordinary results in preventing and improving skin conditions. Besides using the safe, natural and highest quality ingredients, we also employ the latest skin care technologies to enhance the effectiveness of our products. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

Quality Assurance

Our bio-cellular material is made from a strict production process and in a 100% dust free environment. This material is certified by the international authority and in compliance with the SGS and ISO standards.

Clearly List of ingredients and product features

eglobal conducts ethical business practices, we clearly label the list of ingredients and product features on the packaging. Our claim of product effectiveness is based on the studies from skin care laboratories that have spent a significant time in research and develop the ingredients and have found the positive results by using them. Our products can be easily absorbed by the skin and do not clog skin pores or cause irritation. All of our products use environmentally friendly and have never been tested on animals.