Innovation is our core value

eglobal invests a high proportion of its time and capital in skin care research. The members of our research and development team come from different backgrounds and dedicate themselves to create innovative products that have optimal benefits for the skin.

Devoted to providing the best possible skin care solutions to our customers
(eglobal Beauty Research Center)

n addition, we have integrated resources to cover different business areas. Our company was founded by a number of people who are passionate about skin care and devoted to provide the best possible skin care solutions to our customers.

eglobal Beauty Research Center
Collaboration between eglobal Beauté INC & Eglobal Biotech USA

eglobal Cosmetic Inc. was founded in 1997. With its success in the industry, they expanded its operations to the U.S. eglobal Biotech USA was formed in early 2009. Their U.S. headquarters are located in the State of Maine. eglobal Cosmetic has an extensive experience in manufacturing and developing high quality skin care products. The latest patented ingredients used in our products are supplied by well known laboratories in Europe and these advanced ingredients are particularly designed for the skins that require special care.
eglobe Beauty Research Center works very closely with Lab of eglobal Cosmetic and eglobal Biotech USA to research and develop state-of-the-art skin care solutions for our customers.
eglobal Cosmetic Inc. and Eglobal Biotech USA are dedicated to develop revolutionary skin care technologies. They spend a significant time on studying and researching advanced scientific methods to formulate skin care products. They work with prestigious universities in the area of developing advanced scientific technologies to ensure the natural ingredients and bio-actives remain stable during the formulation process. They have acquired the patent for a sterilizing manufacturing procedure in the USA, Europe and many other countries. Products developed by eglobal Cosmetic and eglobal Biotech USA are highly praised by professional spas, dermatology clinics, skin care vendors and distributors.

Product Features
Effective all natural paraben free skin care products

eglobal Beauté skin care lines are formulated with natural herbal and plant extracts, peptides, and vitamins that are free of petrochemicals, alcohol, mineral oils, animal fat, fragrances or artificial colorings. Ingredients are all natural based such as the extracts from herbs, fruits and flowers. These ingredients are proven to help enhance the skin's natural defense system as well as to stimulate the metabolism to increase the process of cell renewal. Our products are paraben free, only natural preservatives are used in our products such as peptides, vitamin C, vitamin E and grape seed extract. These natural preservatives contain strong anti-bacterial properties and do not irritate skin. We have developed several product lines that suit different customer age group and skin type.

Patented Freeze Crystal Technology
What is Freeze Crystal?

Freeze Crystal is produced under a sterilized low temperature environment and packed into a vacuum container.

Why Freeze Crystal Technology?
• EGF and FGF are only active for three months.
• Use the Freeze Crystal Technology to prolong ingredients active state.
What is he Freeze Crystal Technology?

Freeze Crystal is the latest skin care technology which by using the sublimation theory, transforms the active ingredient from its liquid state to a crystal powder form. The active ingredient becomes "dormant" in its crystal powder form. When mixed with liquid, the crystallized ingredient returns to its "active" state. This crystallization technique ensures the active ingredient remains stable and effective before it is ready for use. This technology is widely used in pharmaceuticals, biology, food and skin care industries. The benefit of using this is to prolong product activity while avoiding being affected by heat.

Liposome Technology and Delivery System

Magnolia Orchid PHA HG Extract is a distilled liquid obtained from the Magnolia plants. It is one of the best skin hydrators for dry and mature skin. Magnolia Orchid extract helps exfoliate dead cells and minimizes fine lines as well as balance and calm sensitive skin. Magnolia Orchid PHA HG Extract's beautiful and pleasant scent provides a relaxed and light feeling.
Every Magnolia Orchid product contains the Magnolia Orchid extract as well as other natural bio-active ingredients. The active ingredients used in Magnolia Orchid product line are designed to help renew skin cells and achieve skin brightening and age delaying functions.
Our Magnolia Orchid is a premium, advanced professional skin care line. Use it daily helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, restore healthy skin hydration, and balance skin's PH levels.